Academic Computing Services

Academic Computing & Lab Services

Located in GCB 109, ACLS employs one full-time manager, Carl Yamagata (808-675-3826) and 35 part-time student workers.
ACLS orders, installs, and configures all (about 650) computers in the open labs, lounges, dorm offices, TVA offices, as well as a number of closed labs. They are also responsible for providing assistance to the students in the labs during the hours of operation:
       JFS Computer Lab: Mon to Thurs. 7am-12pm, Fri. 7am-8pm, Sat. 9am-9pm
       GCB Computer Lab: Mon to Thurs. 7am-11pm, Fri. 7am-5pm
ACLS provides a necessary service to all students who need help with the standard applications provided to them on the computers in the Labs. They also assist with several online services required by academic curriculum. The large staff is required to cover all of the labs during the times our equipment is made available.

Additional information regarding ACLS is available on their website.