Log onto the phone first by pressing the servicesServices button and then Select 1 Extension Mobility  Enter the UserID/Agent# your were assigned and the PIN and press Submit.

CADiconWhen answering phones routed through the Cisco Agent Desktop:

Calls to DNIS 33000 should be answered:

 Smile"Aloha, and thank you for calling the Polynesian Cultural Center, how may I direct your call?"

Calls to DNIS 53211 should be answered:

Smile"Aloha, and thank you for calling BYU-Hawaii, how may I direct your call?"

  • When the caller responds with a name, department or service, say,Smile "One moment please," if the caller replies with a "thank you" be sure to reply with Smile"My pleasure!"
  • UsingBOCBOC's BOC Address BookAddress Book, search for the requested name, department, or service. When found, double click on the entry which will transfer the call
  • If not found in BOC, ask for more information regarding the purpose of the call saying, Smile"I'm sorry, I'm having trouble locating that number for you."

    • What department does this person work in?
    • What type of service are you looking for?
    • What do you need help with?

    When you find the number seems correct say, Smile"Thank you for waiting, I'll transfer your call now."

  • If the caller asks a question -- using the online calendar, directory, or other resources, answer the question as best as you can.

At the end of each conversation, always ask:

"Is there anything else I can help you with?"

Calls to DNIS 53921 should be answered:

Smile"Aloha, and thank you for calling the BYU-Hawaii Helpdesk! This is (your name) how may I assist you?"

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