Media Scheduling

Media Resources & Scheduling Services

Located in the Library at the counter directly across from the main entrance.
Media Resources and Scheduling Services provide an invaluable service to the university by delivering multimedia resources and services to classes and to other instructional programs and events that are part of the University's curriculum.

Media Services (Hours of Operation ):
Fall/Winter/Summer Semester hours: Mon to Thurs. 7am-11:50pm, Fri. 7am-7:50pm, Sat. 9am-8:50pm
Media Services is closed on Sundays
For more information, call 808-675-3855

Your BYUH ID is required for all checkouts of equipment and DVD/Videos

Resources for academic instruction include:
    Media collection of videotapes and DVDs, including ones placed on reserve by Instructors
    Instructor Laptops
    Student Laptops:Only when computer labs are not available for classroom instruction. (If special/additional software is needed, please pre-arrange with Academic Computing Lab Services)
    Projector/TV carts with DVD/VHS players
    Slide projectors with carousels
    Transparency projectors
    Audio equipment: Microphones, stereo CD players, and headsets
    Tech Rooms: Rooms equipped with a projector, DVD/VHS player, and mounted speakers
         Instructional classes are automatically placed in assigned Tech Rooms
         Users are responsible for learning how to effectively use the Media Equipment in Tech Rooms. Call Media Scheduling Services for a mini-lesson on equipment use

 Tech Rooms

Ballroom 108 101 115 110 204 LTH 101 107 LIR
133 152 111 142     101 103 113  
135 164 140 144     127 107 117  
155 218 147       133      
    150       134      
    153       152      
    173       153      
    174       157      
    177       159      
    178       162      
    182       175      
    184       177      
185 179
188 180

Scheduling of Equipment:
Scheduling equipment for academic classrooms can be done in person, email, BYUH scheduling, and by phone. The office phone number is 808-675-3855. The Media Scheduling Services recommends a week advance notification for all equipment reservations. All schedulings can only be done on weekdays; Monday through Friday. Last minute equipment requests for same day delivery with less than a 24-hour notification is subject to worker availability. Please plan to pick-up equipment yourself. On Saturday, the Media Services window will be available for pre-arranged pick-ups only.
Equipment reservations are limited to faculty, special instructors, approved administration, and department staff. No student requests will be accepted. Students, clubs, and associations are to work with their instructors, BYUHSA, Alumni office, and sponsoring departments for their equipment needs. 

Media Scheduling Services personnel provide the following services:
    Manual delivery of Media equipment on campus for early requests - Equipment called in on the for same day delivery are subject to worker availability. A typical example of a scheduled request would be to deliver, setup and test, projector, microphone, computer, VCR/DVD to a classroom during the 10mins break before class
    Provide routine technical assistance as needed
    Assist eligible patrons in checking out equipment and media materials for use
    Assist patrons and faculty with the use of equipment and media materials


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