Services Check Alert

Call Center agents perform a check on critical services during each work period. When a service is found to have a problem, it will be reported using this form. A negative status selection will create a ticket in TeamDynamix. A positive status selection will send an email to

The following links are provided for convenience:

Email     myBYUH     WorkDay     Canvas     IPTV

Be sure to uncheck "No problems" if you find a service with a problem
Channels or services that are not working

Agents, you are the EARLY alert for these systems. If you have verified that a service is indeed unavailable, please check any or all the boxes below to send a text message to the directors and/or the CIO. We are committed to supporting these critical services. The sooner we know about it, the sooner we can resolve it. Thank you for helping with this!

If a system is DOWN, select the appropriate support personnel to be notified.
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