Computer Surplus Policy

Computer Surplus Policy

This policy is in accordance with item III - POLICY# XV.G which states: PERSONAL COMPUTERS. A division or department with surplus personal computers should send a 'Relief of Accountability' form to the Purchasing Department to follow the normal surplusing procedure. All peripheral equipment will be surplused by following the normal surplusing procedure. The Computer Technology Group (now ITO) will determine if computers will be recycled or sold."

  • Users are not guaranteed that they will be able to buy their assigned work computer. Users may have to buy a computer that is not their assigned work computer. ITO will try to offer users their work computer if it is available. University and Church projects/needs will be fulfilled before any other surplus. This policy has been created to prevent users from upgrading their machines using department budget prior to their computer replacement.
  • Off-campus buyers may buy computers, however students/BYUH Faculty/Staff have priority over off-campus buyers.
  • Pricing of computers will be determined by the Chief Technology Officer. No other person or entity may determine the price.
  • Only one computer per year is allowed to be purchased by any one person. This is to give other buyers a chance to purchase a computer.
  • All computers are “SOLD AS IS” and “NO RETURN NO EXCHANGE”. Prices are NON-NEGOTIABLE. Buyers will sign a “Release of Accountability” at the time of purchase.
  • Once a computer is purchased no support of any type will be provided to the buyer (Please refer to 5.1.8 of the Surplus Process).
  • ITO has the right to resell items with no obligation to the buyer if the buyer does not complete the purchase transaction within the same business day.


Surplus/Disposal Process

  • ITO Hardware Technician assesses the condition of the equipment.
  • ITO Hardware Technician fills out a form “Surplus Disposal Checklist” which describes the specification of the machine and indicates if the equipment is for surplus or disposal.
  • Equipment identified as unusable/non-working are:
    •     Used for spare parts if needed
    • If present, the hard drive(s) erased of data and programs
    • Disposed of:
      • Placed on pallet at the back of GCB
      • Full pallet is taken to town for recycling @ $0.90-$1/lb
      • May be sold for parts
  •  Equipment identified as usable/working are:
    • Erased - Hard drive is erased to remove user's programs and files.
    • Imaged - Computer items are then re-imaged with the basic factory image from manufacturer.
    • Priced - Determined by the Associate VP of Technology. Based on the assessment of the equipment value, the ITO Hardware manager may recommend for approval a differing price.
    • Sold - To eligible buyers (faculty, Staff & Students)

    To become eligible to purchase equipment, a buyer must:  
        Enter name on appropriate Waitlist.
            In January, go to JFS 153 to put your name on the waitlist for the type of equipment you are interested in purchasing (laptops, apple equipment or projectors). Sign up for surplus computers will be advertised on the University & Student Bulletin; all interested customers must sign up in January. Sign up is good for (1) Calendar year; No names will be rolled over to the next year. All buyers must sign up again in the next sign up period (January of the next year). Note: This sign up process are for equipment in limited supply only such as apple computers, PC laptops, projectors or TV's.
            Desktop sign up are not necessary because of large supply. However, sales of desktops are on a first come first serve basis.
            Buyers must be wait-listed for only (1) computer or media equipment at a time.
            Be contacted by OIT when the computer/equipment is available for purchase. If you are not contact by the end of August of the calendar year it means that we have no inventory to surplus.  You will need to sign up for a computer at the next sign up period of the next year.
            Obtain invoice - Once contacted, buyers must see the OIT Office Manager or Inventory Clerk to get an invoice for the equipment they are purchasing.
            Take Invoice to the Cashiers Office and pay for the equipment. We do not collect any type of transaction in JFS 153. All payment transactions must be completed at the Cashiers Office of the Lorenzo Snow Building.
            Return receipt to the OIT Office Manager or Inventory Clerk to pick up the purchased computer. Buyers must come in person, and are given the opportunity to turn on and test the equipment they are buying before leaving.
            Sign appropriate forms - Before buyers takes purchased computer, buyer must sign a Surplus Sales Agreement releasing responsibility from ITO. By Signing agreement buyer acknowledges that ITO will not provide support of any type of the purchased equipment.
I. NOTE: The mission of surplus computer sales is to provide affordable computers to students for academic use and not for profit. We reserve the right to suspend sales of surplus computers to those who are interested in buying surplus computers for profit.
II. ITO will not transport the purchased items for the buyer or provide a means of transportation for the buyer.