Computer Surplus Policy

Computer Surplus Policy

This policy is in accordance with item III - POLICY# XV.G which states: PERSONAL COMPUTERS. A division or department with surplus personal computers should send a 'Relief of Accountability' form to the Purchasing Department to follow the normal surplusing procedure. All peripheral equipment will be surplused by following the normal surplusing procedure. The Computer Technology Group (now ITO) will determine if computers will be recycled or sold."

  • Users may be able to buy their old computer or one like it, when their computer is replaced. University and Church projects/needs will be fulfilled before any other surplus. This policy has been created to prevent users from upgrading their machines using department budget prior to their computer replacement.
  • Sales of surplus computers is now under the BYU-Hawaii Bookstore

 Surplus/Disposal Process

  • ITO Hardware Technician assesses the condition of the equipment.
  • ITO Hardware Technician fills out a form “Surplus Disposal Checklist” which describes the specification of the machine and indicates if the equipment is for surplus or disposal.
  • Equipment identified as unusable/non-working are:
    •     Used for spare parts if needed
    • If present, the hard drive(s) erased of data and programs
    • Disposed of:
      • Placed on pallet at the back of GCB
      • Full pallet is taken to town for recycling @ $0.90-$1/lb
      • May be sold for parts
  •  Equipment identified as usable/working are:
    • Erased - Hard drive is erased to remove user's programs and files.
    • Imaged - Computer items are then re-imaged with the basic factory image from manufacturer.
    • Transferred to the Bookstore or used to fill needs as determined by the University Technology Officer