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Office of Information Technology

Software Use Guidelines

BYU–Hawaii Guidelines on Use of Software

BYU–Hawaii recognizes the importance of the legal and ethical use of software assets. This document provides guidelines for students and employees to follow to ensure that we are both legal and ethical in the use of our software assets.

General Guidelines
BYU–Hawaii has purchased fully licensed copies of computer software from a variety of publishers and vendors. Licensed and registered copies of software programs are installed on computers within the university and appropriate backup copies may be made in accordance with the licensing agreements and company policies. No other copies of this software or its documentation can be made without the express written consent of the software publisher and BYU-Hawaii.

Software from Other Sources
BYU–Hawaii will provide copies of legally acquired software to meet legitimate needs and in sufficient quantities for university computers requiring the software. The use of software obtained from any other source could present security and legal threats to the university. Departments may purchase stand-alone copies of additional software by using the IT Request Form.

Additional Copies
In some cases, the license agreement for a particular software program may permit an additional copy to be placed on a portable computer or home computer provided only one user uses both installations. Employees or students will not make such additional copies of software or documentation for the software without the approval of BYU–Hawaii IT Services Department. When legal, approval will be granted for such installations when there are valid business reasons.

Unauthorized Copies
The unauthorized duplication of copyrighted software or documentation is a violation of the law and is contrary to established standards of conduct for BYU–Hawaii employees. Employees or students who make, acquire or use unauthorized copies of computer software or documentation will be subject to immediate discipline up to and including immediate termination of employment. A helpful copyright tutorial can be found here.

Internal Controls
BYU–Hawaii reserves the right to protect its reputation and its investment in computer software and may enforce internal controls to prevent the making or use of unauthorized copies of university software. These controls may include periodic assessments of software use, announced and unannounced audits of company computers to assure compliance, the removal of any software found on BYU–Hawaii property for which a valid license or proof of license cannot be determined, and disciplinary actions, including termination and or expulsion, in the event of a student or employee violation of this policy.

License Stewardship
BYU–Hawaii has purchased several site licenses for various applications that are installed on university owned computers. The Client Services Department of IT Operations manages and maintains those licenses. Departments who purchase additional software not provided by IT Operations, are responsible for documenting and archiving their licenses and having them available in the event of a software audit. Failure to produce proof of license will result in removal of the application and possible disciplinary action.

Should a student be suspected to be in violation of this policy, their identity and accompanying evidence or documentation will be forwarded to the Honor Code office. It will be the responsibility of the Honor Code office to investigate, counsel with, and if needed take disciplinary action.However, if a faculty or staff member is suspected to be in violation, their identity and accompanying evidence or documentation will be forwarded to Human Resources. It will be the responsibility of the Human Resources office to investigate, counsel with, and if needed take disciplinary action.

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