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IT Infrastructure (ITI)


While surfing the internet, you may have received an error page similar to the followings:

Screenshot of an error stating "Your organization's internet use policy restricts access to this web page at this time."

A screenshot of an error stating, "Brigham Young University–Hawaii restricts access to this page at this time."

BYU–Hawaii makes every effort to provide a safe and secure experience for our campus community while using the internet. We have invested in Websense, an internet content filter. We have chosen to block the following categories:

Blocked Website Categories Blocked Internet Protocols

Adult Content, Nudity, Sex

Peer-to-Peer File Sharing

Abused Drugs, Marijuana


Illegal or Questionable

Hacking, Proxy Avoidance, URL Translation Sites(which would permit some types of pornography)

Militancy and Extremist

Racism and Hate

Bot Networks, Keyloggers, Malicious Web Sites, Phishing and Other Frauds, Potentially Unwanted Software, Spyware

Gay or Lesbian or Bisexual Interest



Meetro, MySpaceIM, Neos, X-IM

AOL Instant Messenger or ICQ attachments, Yahoo! Messenger attachments

BotNetwork traffic


Peer-to-Peer File Sharing:Ares, BitTorrent, BoxCloud, ClubBox, Damaka, DirectConnect, eDonkey, EZPeerFastTrack (Kazaa iMesh), FolderShare, GigaTribe, Gnutella (Morpheus Xolox)Hamachi, Hotline Connect, MindSpring, Onshare, Pando, Project Neon, QnextRaketu, SoulSeek, WinMX

Proxy Avoidance:GhostSurt, Google Web Accelerator, Hopster, JAP, RealTunnel, SocksOnlineTongTongTong, Toonel, Tor, Your Freedom

On rare occasions, you may experience what is called a false positive when the legitimate site you are visiting has been flagged and blocked. If it is a brand new site, it may not have been rated yet. However in many cases the site has been compromised and is temporarily inaccessible until the problem has been corrected. If you feel you are being blocked from a legitimate site, you may send an email to: for review.Neal Moss is our resident Websense expert. If you continue to have problems, please contact him at extension 808-675-3275.