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IT Infrastructure (ITI)

Wireless Service FAQS

How fast is the wireless network?
The speed depends on several factors, including your physical distance from our wireless access points, the type of building materials (walls, doors, floors) between the access point and your computer, and the type of wireless service you use.ITI supports 802.11a/b/g wherever wireless access is present. Most new computers support these speed standards. 802.11n wireless cards are compatible with all the previous versions of 802.11.

Is the wireless network secure?
The BYU-Hawaii wireless is secure and encrypted. Remember to always be careful on what websites you log on to, when you make a payment or log to your bank account always make sure that the URL starts with HTTPS, there are some websites that fake known sites to steal sensitive data.

Do you have recommendations about wireless network adapters or other wireless equipment?
We do not have specific vendor recommendations, however, wireless adapters and similar equipment are available from most electronics stores.

Can I install my own wireless access point on campus?
Due to the potential interference with the campus wireless network, as well as the possible security exposures that can result from personally installed wireless access points, we strongly discourage the use of personal access points on campus. This includes wireless routers, wireless bridges and similar products.Furthermore, if configured improperly such devices can disrupt network connections for other users on both the wired and wireless networks. When we locate such misconfigured devices, we will remove them from the network until the problems have been resolved.If you install such devices please make sure to use an encryption such as WPA or WPA2 personal. Never leave the Wireless network without any passkey because it could compromise your private network, as well the school network security.Caution: If you are using a wireless router, router, switch or hub (such as those made by LinkSys, NetGear or D-Link), that contains WAN and LAN port(s), you should connect the WAN port to the campus network.

How can I request additional wireless coverage in my building?
If you would like to request additional coverage, please submit a request to the ITO Help Desk.

I have guests coming to campus who would like wireless access. What do they need to do?
Initial login to the wireless network requires a CES Net ID and password. If you are not associated with BYU-Hawaii you can't use the school wireless, special guests though can request guest credentials to the help desk.

Never give out your username and password to others to connect to the wireless, remember that you use CES Net ID to access personal data, that could lead to a violation of your personal privacy and loss of important information.