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Are you having trouble with your IT equipment and don't know what to do? Here are some helpful suggestions:    

  •      Check to see that all cables are plugged in securely
  •      Check to see that your computer is turned on 
  •      Reboot. Many of the problems you might have with your computer can be resolved just by re-booting!

For personal computers, try the following:

  •      Apply critical Windows Updates
  •      Install tools to check for spyware or malware
  •      Protect your computer with an anti-virus product
  •      Students with laptop problems may bring them to GCB 120 for simple diagnosis and minor issue resolutions

For BYUH computers:

  •      Call our Helpdesk at 808-675-3921
  •      Or contact your CSR directly (Their number is on the silver tag on your computer)
  •      Submit an online request for help including your phone number, office location along with a detailed description of the problem.